The SharePoint Modernization Scanner

While spelunking through Github this week I came across a useful tool in the PNP Tools repo that can generate some pretty interesting data about your Office 365 tenant.

It’s called the SharePoint Modernization Scanner, and it claims to grease the skids for your movement to Modern and Group-ification of your existing sites.

The complete source code is there but they’ve also included a direct link to the executable if you’re not interested in building it and just want to run the darn thing, which is what I did against a few of my tenants.

Running the darn thing

The default configuration for the tool uses a Client ID and Secret for a tenant-scoped App to authenticate into the tenant, which is pretty smart because it’s not guaranteed that admin user accounts will have access to all sites, even with policies in place to enforce it. (It’s the real world, things happen)  So, before you can run this you’ll want to make sure you have such an app and have the client ID and secret. You can also use normal credentials, just be aware of the access issue.

In order to make it work you’ll need to grab a file called webpartmapping.xml from the source code and drop it into the same directory where you’ve downloaded the executable.  Then open a PowerShell session and CD into that directory and run something like this:

./SharePoint.Modernization.Scanner.exe -t tenantname -i {client_id} -s {client_secret}


The process will run for a while, depending on how much stuff is in your tenant. On one of my tenants with 400 site collections, it took about 15 minutes to run, and when it’s done, I got a nice collection of CSV files:


With this data we can see every site, its template, the deployed custom actions, and detailed information about every page and web part in the tenant.